Perfect Drinks for the Winter Season

Winter days are not over yet, and so you are still in the mood for something hot, something that will warm you from the inside out. Figuring out how to add a dash of liquor to a hot beverage can be quite a challenge, but we have got you covered with today’s drink ideas from all over the world.


A German favorite, gluhwein (hot spiced wine) is prepared by mixing dry red wine, heated and spiced with star aniseed, citrus, cloves, or cinnamon sticks, sugar and at times vanilla pods.

Hot Apple Cider and Rum Punch

To accomplish an excellent hot apple and rum punch, combine apple cider, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, orange slices, and ginger. Bring to a boil over high heat then reduce to a simmer until everything dissolves. Pour the liquid into big mugs and add rum to each drink! You can complement the drink with some orange slices, or even some ginger.

Irish Coffee

A hot, creamy classic; famous and delicious! This drink is made by mixing hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and brown sugar, and topped with lightly whipped cream.



To make this wintertime staple you will need 64 ounces of apple cider. Pour the cider into a big pot. Then, insert whole cloves into two apples o pears. Place the fruit in the apple cider and serve.

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