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The workplace and workday are becoming more and more fluid. Most people don’t go to the office every day, and many work remotely all the time. Although this is great for the overall work-life balance of your employees, the one downside is the lack of social and communal events that bring everyone together. There is one social work event that is sure to get everyone in one place, and that’s the company happy hour.

Company Happy Hour

Beers on tap
Full bar with happy hour cocktail menu and lots of great beers on tap.

As much fun as it is for the boss to stock the conference room with drinks, beer, and snacks to round off the week, many employees will appreciate heading “off-campus” and getting away from their place of work. Hosting a company or office happy hour at a cool bar in downtown Denver is going to make for a much more successful event. Going to an off-site venue will signal to your employees that this is not about work, it’s not about having a few drinks, and then going back to your desk to send off a few more emails. It’s about winding down, building stronger bonds, and getting to know each other outside of work.

Increase Your Company Cool Factor

Hosting a happy hour event at a cool, local bar is also going to increase the “cool factor” at your office. Being seen at an exciting venue with your team, having a blast is an excellent advertisement for your brand. It may even result in new clients, making you more competitive when it comes to hiring new skilled employees. But, before your happy hour events improve your image to the outside world, you need to make your current employees happy, and that’s where Gaslamp can help.

Private Office Happy Hours in Downtown Denver

Cocktails and Ping Pong
Cocktails and ping pong are the ingredients to a memorable office happy hour event.

Gaslamp has all the right elements for a fun and cool office happy hour event. Our venue is super sleek, with a big beautiful bar, great lighting, and a fun atmosphere. We have a happy hour menu full of delicious cocktails, all with fresh ingredients and little twists that make them unique to the Gaslamp. We also serve up some friendly office competition with a ping pong table that’s bound to bring your team together, building stronger bonds.

Happy Hour Catering

Talk to us about catering options if you want to extend the happy hour with some treats and cocktails. Even a casual happy hour will be much more attractive if you serve up a little food. Having a little something to nibble on will also compliment the cocktails, and prevent your employees from drinking on an empty stomach.

Talk to us about hosting your next private office happy hour at Gaslamp in downtown Denver.