Booking Your Holiday Event in Denver’s Best Bar

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Gaslamp is a Must

The holiday season is the time of year to relax, enjoy with family and friends, and celebrate! The holidays are around the corner, don’t wait until the last minute to book your event!

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Our bar has enough space to host an event for 20 to 100 people. This area has fireplaces in the walls and the bar is in the middle. It makes it easy to get a drink because there are 4 different sides you can go to get your favorite drinks. We also have screens, which are perfect for sports lovers. Further, we offer ping pong most nights and then when it gets busy, we can move the table to make more room for people to mingle.

When deciding on your plans for New Year’s Eve, Gaslamp is the ideal place for you and your best friends. We offer something exceptional for everyone. A night, at the Gaslamp on New Year’s Eve, includes access to the best drinks in town. Also, a variety of music and entertainment, like live music and more.

Unique Drinks

Enjoy our signature drink, the Red Bull Slushy, in a sleek atmosphere featuring snowboard/surf videos, gas fireplaces, ping-pong table, the best bartenders, cocktails, and food. Plus, you can drink free all night on your birthday!

Celebrate with the Best

It is important to start off the new year right. Whether that includes celebrating with a few cocktails, spending time with your closest friends, or devouring some delectable food, Gaslamp has it all when it comes to celebrations.

Book your holiday event,

Book your holiday event with us today! Contact us to see how we can book your exquisite holiday party. We have spaces on our rooftop that can accommodate parties as small as 30, to parties as large as 100 guests. Our establishment is a unique place that is guaranteed to impress your guests for your holiday party!

A Bar That Really Gets Into the Holiday Spirit

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Three Reasons to Book Your Holiday Party at Gaslamp

If you do not know where to throw your next employee party, you have come to the right place. At Gaslamp, we offer you the best drinks, food menus, and atmosphere so you can get the most out of your special event, and reduce costs without impacting its quality. Here are some good reasons why you should consider celebrating at our bar.

Best Craft Cocktails and Drink Specials

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A great bar will have a wide variety of drinks to select, which include ample beer options, craft cocktails, and quality wines. Check out our drink menu to get inspired.

Unique Menu

The end of the year is a time to enjoy and relax, and food is an essential part of any celebration. Selecting a location with an unmatchable menu is paramount for your holiday gathering success. Our beautiful bar offers a spot for you and your employees to enjoy a night of celebration. The ping pong table is ideal for some competition, while sports lovers can enjoy watching their favorite game on our sleek screens. We will provide catering options to accommodate many tastes.

Unmatchable Atmosphere

We offer a modern style establishment where you can drink, play, relax, and enjoy the best food in the heart of Denver, in an unmatchable atmosphere. Come with your colleagues or friends to play ping pong while having the best drinks and food in Denver. The ping pong table is perfect for office team building night.

Celebrate at Gaslamp in Denver

With our magical holiday event space, there is no better place to celebrate the holiday season. Gaslamp is an ideal place to host your year-end company’s private event or party. Please visit our website to learn more details.

Can You Avoid a Hangover By Drinking Beer and Liquor in the Right Order?

Beer and Wine

The secret to drinking without a hangover is the holy grail of bar culture. Much like the holy grail, the secret to no hangover is elusive and mysterious, and the tales of how to avoid a hangover are varied and ever-changing. There are rhymes and reasons for how you can enjoy a night of drinking without waking up dehydrated and nauseous with a raging headache. Unfortunately, many of the hangover-free rules are myths.

Beers on tap
Stay hydrated and drink responsibly to avoid a hangover.


A hangover is a medical term for “excessive drinking.” Too much alcohol will result in waking up with a headache, feeling nauseous, sluggish, dehydrated, and dizzy. Although many suggestions and rituals claim in helping you avoid or cure a hangover. The truth is that anytime you drink in excess, you will suffer the consequences. Let’s look at the classic myths for avoiding a hangover.

Beer Before Liquor

One of the most famous rhymes supposed to help us avoid a hangover is “beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer, never fear.” It also works with beer and wine, “beer before wine, drunk as a swine; wine before beer, never fear.” Although the rhyme does add a certain level of credibility, it turns out that there is no truth to either. No matter what type of alcohol you start with, you won’t feel better or worse the next day.

Join us for drinks and ping pong!

We hate to say it, but there is no magical order to drinking that will help you avoid a hangover. How you are affected by alcohol depends on how much you drink and several other factors.

Factors that contribute to a hangover

Drinking too much is the apparent reason for a hangover, but whether you drank beer, then liquor and wine or in reverse makes no difference. Your weight and age may contribute to a hangover. How tired you are and whether you have eaten will also impact the effects of alcohol. Finally, dehydration is the number one contributor to a hangover.

Avoid a Hangover

Stay hydrated, eat before you drink, drink in moderation, and pace yourself. Make sure you drink plenty of water before you go to bed, and get to bed in time to be able to get a good night’s sleep. The more sleep you get, the less of a hangover you will have, but if you’re dehydrated, you could have trouble sleeping. The best way to avoid a hangover is to drink responsibly.

Join us at the Gaslamp for responsible drinking, sports, and ping pong!

There Are Zero Excuses for Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is a major concern everywhere, including in Denver. Many efforts by CDOT, the Colorado Police Department, and private watch groups like DARE and MAD are dedicated to cutting down DUIs and DUI related accidents and death. We want all of our patrons to be safe when they leave our bar. The first step to avoiding a DUI is to understand the drinking and driving laws in Dever.How to Get Home Without Driving

Reaching Your BAC Limit

In Colorado, the only way to ensure that you won’t get a DUI or DWAI is to have a BAC of zero. But, before we get into that, let’s make sure you understand the terminology and the law regarding drinking and driving in Colorado.

  • BAC – To determine if you’ve had too much to drive your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) will be measured.
  • DWAI – If you have a BAC of .05 percent you may be classified as Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)
  • DUI – If you have a BAC of .08 percent or more you will be classified as Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Officer judgment – Even if you have a BAC below .05 perfect, but are showing signs of impairment, it’s up to the individual officer’s judgment to determine if you get sighted for a drinking and driving offense.

The cost of a DUI can be over $10,000, not to mention the possibility of losing your job due to detention, court dates, and a tainted driving record. Causing a life-threatening accident and hurting others can also have serious costs, both financially and in terms of mental health.

Designated Drivers and Ride Sharing

Ride sharing, taxi service, designated drivers, and public transportation means there are zero excuses for drunk driving.

Denver has excellent public transportation, plus cabs, and all the ride-sharing services you could need to get home safely after a night at Gaslamp. There are zero excuses for drinking and driving. Another option is to always assign a designated driver for the evening.

We want you to be able to enjoy and partake in all the fun and delicious drinks that we offer at Gaslamp. Don’t ruin the fun by drinking and driving and putting everyone in danger. Even two drinks can put you over the limit, and the risk is never worth it when it comes to drinking and driving.

Leave the car at home and come join us for a night of cocktails, craft brews, and ping pong at the Gaslamp in downtown Denver.

Gaslamp Joins Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl

Denver's Halloween Bar Crawl

There are a lot of tough decisions associated with Halloween. Okay, fine, there are only two, what you’re wearing and where you’re going. We can’t help you with the costume, but we can take some of the pressure off of where you decide to celebrate all hallows eve. Get tickets to Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl, and you can go to all the hotspots and locations that you’d want on Halloween.

Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl

 Denver's Halloween Bar Crawl
Enjoy $5 cocktail specials when you join Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl.

The place to be on Halloween is everywhere! Grab a group of friends and show off your costumes at many locations throughout Denver’s bar and club scene. Drink, dance, and socialize at the hottest places in Denver, like Gaslamp, and enjoy discounts and drink specials everywhere you go on Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl.

Halloween at Gaslamp in Downtown Denver

Make Gaslamp one of your stops on your Halloween pub crawl. We’re a modern style drinking establishment located in the bustling LoDo district, bringing a contemporary, elegant, sleek, and casual atmosphere to Denver’s oldest neighborhood.

Enjoy craft beers on tap and a menu full of artisan cocktails, plus specially curated $5 cocktail specials for our Halloween bar crawlers.

Get Tickets for Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl

 Denver's Halloween Bar Crawl
Enjoy a full menu of artisan cocktails, like our famous Red Bull and vodka slushy!

Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl will take place Friday and Saturday, October 25th & 26th and is in high demand. Get your tickets early for extra discount, as well as assurance that you won’t miss out. This event will sell out, and you don’t want to be left out of all the fun because you waited too long.

All ticket types will give you all access to all the venues cover free, plus you’ll get to skip the lines and get food & drink specials. You’ll also be automatically registered to win cash and prizes. Tickets to Denver’s Halloween Bar Crawl will take care of your entire evening, from start to finish providing you with plenty of entertainment and activities along the way.

Shuttle Home Safely

The Denver Halloween Bar Crawl covers several neighborhoods. Anytime alcohol is involved, you want to make arrangements for safe and sober transportation. All neighborhoods will have special shuttle stops where all the Halloween pub crawlers can board a shuttle to the next venue, or get a safe ride home.

We look forward to showing you a frighteningly good time at Gaslamp on your Denver Halloween Bar Crawl.

History of the Happy Hour

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The term “happy hour” is synonymous with drinking, but that wasn’t always the case. The history of the happy hour began with the Navy and wasn’t a daily thing, but a weekly hour of entertainment to relieve the boredom of a life at sea. Once prohibition hit in the 1920s, the happy hour began to take on the meaning that we all know today.

First Happy Hour

History of the Happy Hour

The Happy Hour concept began in the Navy during WW1 in 1914 and was an hour of entertainment meant to break up the monotony of life at sea. Initially, alcohol was not a part of the happy hour concept. After all, it was wartime, and our boys needed always to be ready and alert. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t plenty of downtime on the ships. To combat boredom, a weekly hour of entertainment was held featuring music, dancing, and often a movie or a boxing match. It wasn’t until prohibition that the happy hour evolved to a secret drinking hour.

Happy Hour and Prohibition

When prohibition hit in the 1920s, many Americans started using the term “happy hour” as a secret code for “let’s get together and drink some of this contraband I have hidden in my basement.” Sometimes, happy hour was code for meeting at a local speakeasy, other times, happy hours were held in private before going out to dinner. This law-breaking ritual soon because synonymous with the modern-day cocktail hour.

Modern-Day Happy Hour

Gaslamp Denver
Join us for a fun, modern-day happy hour at Gaslamp.

When prohibition ended in 1933, the happy hour was no longer secret and began to evolve into the happy hour concept we know today. Because drinking was no longer outlawed, restaurants and bars began to capitalize on this concept to bring people out, away from the at-home cocktail hour. Thus, the discounted cocktails and snack concept was born, and the modern-day happy hour took full effect.

Join us at the Gaslamp for delicious happy hour cocktails while socializing with friends and watching sports on TV.

Ways to Get Home Safely After Drinking

How to Get Home Without Driving

How to Get Home Without Driving Drunk

Summer is our preferred time for celebrations, which means good food, good friends, good times and a good drink. However, there’s no “excuse” for drunk driving. The consequences are irreversible. When you are under the effects of alcohol and get behind the wheel, your life and others are at risk. Here are some alternatives to get home without driving drunk.

  • Use public transportation
  • Stay at a friend’s house or walk home
  • Take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft
  • Get a lift with someone who has not been drinking or using drugs
  • Leave your vehicle at home when you go out drinking 
  • Tell a person you can trust if you have been drinking and do not feel well enough to drive
  • Make sure you have a local taxi company or ride-sharing app saved on your phone

Always have a Plan B to get home. If you are planning a big night out, plan ahead!

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What to do the Next Day

Your body needs time to get back on track. Drink lots of water, eat a big meal packed with fruits and veggies, and cold showers will help reduce your blood alcohol content little by little. You can also detox your body with herbal teas, chamomile, fennel, or mint. Plus, this type of beverage also works wonders on indigestion and headaches. Add some honey for a better taste.

Bring Your Party to Gaslamp

Now that you know how to take care of yourself and others when going to a party, come to Gaslamp in Denver. You can enjoy amazing nights with your friends. We have an exceptional happy hour menu available in a unique, modern-style bar, with a delicately designed infusion of contemporary, elegant, sleek, and casual. For private events, send us a request here.

Happy Hour Dilemmas: What Type Of Mule Are You?

The Moscow Mule is one of the most famous and classic cocktails. It’s delicious and refreshing, and comes in a cool rustic copper mug. But, there is more to the mule than just vodka. At Gaslamp, we like to mix it up, so we have a few varieties of mules to suit everyone’s palate.

The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule has been around since the early 1940s. For some reason, vodka wasn’t selling. It was time to give vodka an image boost and rebrand to make it popular again. What they came up with was a simple mixture of ginger beer, vodka, and lime, but the most noteworthy is the classic copper mug.

The classic Moscow Mule cocktail with vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and ice.

Why a Copper Mug

First of all, the copper mug looks cool. It brings you back to the era of wild fancy parties and ever-flowing cocktails. The copper mug does serve a purpose, besides just being eye candy. Serving the mule in the copper mug ensured a more consistent temperature, keeping the drink in perfectly chilled temperatures as the copper acts as a cooling agent, taking on the cold temperature of the ice.

Mixing Up the Moscow Mule

The mule may have been a vehicle for a vodka insurgence, but today we like to mix it up a bit and give our customers a chance to have the mule of their choice. Ginger beer and fresh lime are still the main ingredients. But we’ve allowed the mule to travel around the world to create an exciting list of new cocktails.

Fresh ingredients are the key to every variety of mule.
  • The Moscow Mule – The classic vodka, ginger beer, and fresh lime served in a copper mug
  • The British Mule – Switch out the Vodka with Tanqueray Gin, and you’ve got yourself a jolly old mule
  • The Irish – You’ve guessed it, for an Irish Mule, just substitute vodka for Jameson Irish Whisky
  • The Kentucky – Put some Benchmark Bourbon in your mule, and you’re off to the races
  • The Mexican Mule – With Mi Campo Blanco Tequila, you’ll be running for the border

We love all our mules, but we also have a large selection of delicious cocktails for our happy hour that will suit every palate.

Host an Office Happy Hour That Your Employees Will Want to Attend

Book your holiday event,

The workplace and workday are becoming more and more fluid. Most people don’t go to the office every day, and many work remotely all the time. Although this is great for the overall work-life balance of your employees, the one downside is the lack of social and communal events that bring everyone together. There is one social work event that is sure to get everyone in one place, and that’s the company happy hour.

Company Happy Hour

Beers on tap
Full bar with happy hour cocktail menu and lots of great beers on tap.

As much fun as it is for the boss to stock the conference room with drinks, beer, and snacks to round off the week, many employees will appreciate heading “off-campus” and getting away from their place of work. Hosting a company or office happy hour at a cool bar in downtown Denver is going to make for a much more successful event. Going to an off-site venue will signal to your employees that this is not about work, it’s not about having a few drinks, and then going back to your desk to send off a few more emails. It’s about winding down, building stronger bonds, and getting to know each other outside of work.

Increase Your Company Cool Factor

Hosting a happy hour event at a cool, local bar is also going to increase the “cool factor” at your office. Being seen at an exciting venue with your team, having a blast is an excellent advertisement for your brand. It may even result in new clients, making you more competitive when it comes to hiring new skilled employees. But, before your happy hour events improve your image to the outside world, you need to make your current employees happy, and that’s where Gaslamp can help.

Private Office Happy Hours in Downtown Denver

Cocktails and Ping Pong
Cocktails and ping pong are the ingredients to a memorable office happy hour event.

Gaslamp has all the right elements for a fun and cool office happy hour event. Our venue is super sleek, with a big beautiful bar, great lighting, and a fun atmosphere. We have a happy hour menu full of delicious cocktails, all with fresh ingredients and little twists that make them unique to the Gaslamp. We also serve up some friendly office competition with a ping pong table that’s bound to bring your team together, building stronger bonds.

Happy Hour Catering

Talk to us about catering options if you want to extend the happy hour with some treats and cocktails. Even a casual happy hour will be much more attractive if you serve up a little food. Having a little something to nibble on will also compliment the cocktails, and prevent your employees from drinking on an empty stomach.

Talk to us about hosting your next private office happy hour at Gaslamp in downtown Denver.

Welcome to Gaslamp

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Best Bar in Downtown Denver

Welcome to Gaslamp. We are a unique, modern-style bar located in the heart of Denver, with a delicately designed infusion of contemporary, elegant, sleek and casual.

If you are looking for a place to go to have fun and drinks or watch your favorite sports game, we are the place. Take advantage of the last days of the summer to enjoy our beautiful open-air bar, ping-pong table, and to-order your favorite beer or cocktail from our unique menu.

Happy Hour Menu

Our menu includes cocktails, mules, bottled beer, draft beer, and much more!

bar ping pong table

Don’t miss our famous Gaslamp Signature Slushy, a great cocktail made with vodka and Red Bull in multiple refreshing flavors. This drink is sure to get any night started on the right foot.


Every Sunday night, starting at 8:00 pm, we hold singles ping-pong tournaments. We need at least six players to start the tournament, so bring your friends, relax, and show off your skills!

You can also host a private party with us. Bring your own food or appetizers, and order cocktails in the open-air lounge.

Private Parties

Throughout an amazing private party at our beautiful bar, enjoy a special night with friends, in the heart of Denver. We will give you happy hour prices for the duration of your event! Take advantage of the ping pong table to organize your office team building night. Also, sports fans will love viewing the game on our sleek screens.

We’ll provide catering options, and we are happy to work with you on an individual basis if you have any special requests.

Looking for a Place to Go Out Tonight?

Come to Gaslamp in Denver. We are a contemporary lounge offering cocktails, craft beer, and a patio. Book your party now to get a slot for this summer!

Light Your Fire at Gaslamp Denver!