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Modern Bar

Modern Bar Means Modern Food

What better place to go and have a good time than a unique, modern-style bar? Located in the heart of Denver, we love gastronomy and offer a modern food menu that combines contemporary bar food with some classics like hamburgers and fries.

Understanding Our Menu

At Gaslamp, we have a modern kitchen to prepare delicious appetizers and snacks. We serve bar food that typically pairs well with our unique drinks. Here are the options you will find in our menu:

Pretzel Bites 8

Pretzel Bites are fun to make anywhere and especially at a fantastic bar while watching your favorite game!

gastronomy pretzel bites
pretzel bites

Cheese Curds w/ Ranch 9

This delicious bar food is the fresh curds of cheese, often cheddar. Their flavor is mild with about the same firmness as regular cheese but has a rubbery or springy texture. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten. Match them with ranch sauce for a perfect bar snack.

Onion Rings or Curly Fries 6

These two are bar staples. Pair them with ranch or your favorite spicy sauce.

Smoked Wings 11

Our wings come with the usual wing sides of celery and bleu cheese or ranch dip.

Chicken Tenders w/ Curly Fries 11

Crispy breaded chicken tenders are a bar classic. Served with curly fries.

Chicken tenders

Society Cheese Steak 13

A cheesesteak is made up of thinly sliced, sauteed rib-eye beef and melted cheese on a long, crusty roll. Typical toppings include hot or sweet peppers, fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, and ketchup.

Loaded Steak 14

Loaded Steak is the ultimate side for anything party!

Classic Burger 12

Perfectly seasoned juicy hamburgers you cannot miss!

Fried Pickle Spears 8

This culinary delight, created by frying pickles previously dipped into flour and egg. Then panko breadcrumbs are added, which adhere to the pickle spears, and after frying (usually with canola oil), they will turn golden and crunchy. Have you ever had fried pickles?

Gaslamp is a place far above the ordinary, where eating, drinking, and playing ping pong combine for the ultimate high.

Modern Kitchen

Happy Hour, a Place to Be

Happy Hour

Why Should You Take Advantage of Happy Hour?

In the past, Happy Hour was about hitting the bars on a Friday evening to start the weekend properly. But not anymore. At Gaslamp, you can find every-day happy hour from 5 – 7:30 pm!

Gaslamp is the place to be. Join us for delicious happy hour cocktails while socializing with friends and watching your favorite game on TV.

Understanding Our Drink Menu

At Gaslamp, our happy hour cocktail menu includes:

C’old Fashioned

This drink is one of the great classic bourbon cocktails you can find, made merely of water, a dash of bitters, ice cubes, jigger bourbon, whiskey, and one slice orange.

Aperol Spritz

A standard drink in southern Italy that consists of Aperol, prosecco, and soda water. It became widely accessible outside of Italy around 2018, and now you can enjoy it at Gaslamp. Typically served in a wine glass, it is the perfect orange cocktail!


It is another famous Italian cocktail made by mixing equal parts of gin, vermouth, and Campari, the dry and zingy negroni.

Grapefruit League

This is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that features fresh basil leaves, pink grapefruit juice, gin, Campari, simple syrup, and ice cubes. It’s the perfect cocktail to welcome warmer weather.

Benchmark Ginger

With its perfect balance of earthiness and sweet heat, ginger brings in a spicy twist to cocktails. Come and enjoy our Benchmark Ginger cocktails.


It is a refreshing, thirst-quenching tequila cocktail. It is an ideal match of grapefruit soda, tequila, and lime juice.

Autumn Margarita

The autumn margarita is a cozy take on the classic, and the perfect warming fall cocktail to sip on with your friends.

Small Red Bull Vodka Slushy

The mixture of Red Bull and vodka has become a famous cocktail at bars, and we are no exception. Happy hour is that magical time of day to enjoy our drinks. 

Scheduling Your Next Event with Us

Private Events

No Better Place for Your Wedding Reception

You can host your wedding reception with us. We have room for 20 to 100 people.

Our beautiful bar offers a place for you and your wedding guests to enjoy a night of celebration in the heart of Denver. We will provide catering options and we are happy to work with you on an individual basis if you have any special requests. For instance, we can help you create a unique drink with your favorite alcohol. And, to make the occasion even more special, you can select bottles of wine from the years you and your beloved were born, or from the year you met. The small, extra details go a long way.

Wedding Reception
Eat, drink, and be married at your favorite bar!

Tips on Having an Amazing Event

Whether it a wedding reception or an office team-building night, hosting an event can be exhausting, scary, and downright nerve-wracking. With so many guests, proper etiquette and picking out the menu, there is a lot of decisions made for ensuring your event goes off flawlessly. So, here three great tips when it comes to hosting an event at your local bar, home, or at a large venue, just to mention a few.

Give as Much Notice as Possible

Nowadays, gathering people is a challenge. So, you will want to give everyone as much notice as possible, so you have a great turn out. We suggest sending out your invite either a month or 5 weeks before your event begins. This gives everyone plenty of time to check their calendar and save your date in for a great event!

Make Your Event Exciting

Entice everyone you want to come to attend with surprise prizes and gift baskets, or even a surprise guest speaker! Don’t forget to use social media outlets to get the word out as well.

Create a Personalized Menu

Besides the cocktails and beers, you want the appetizers to be able to grab and enjoy while chatting with guests.

gaslamp wedding receptions

Whether planning wedding events, receptions, bar or bat mitzvah, private events, look no further than Gaslamp for an exciting and memorable venue.

Why We Are a Chill Place to Hang Out

Bar & drink

Party Right in Our Livingroom

We have an amazing living room with a specific atmosphere, furniture, and decoration that makes us much more suitable for hanging out with friends or office partners or throwing parties of all sorts like office parties or birthday parties. Matched with an excellent service, unique bar food, and the special attention, we are the place to go in Denver.

Come Hang Out with Us or Schedule Your Next Event

Whether it is you want to organize an after-office event or just want to celebrate your birthday party, we have all it takes for throwing an unmatchable event. Need more reasons to schedule your event private with us? Take a look at some of the things that make us a great place to visit.

Private Events

If your birthday is approaching and if you are bored with the idea of the good, old-time house party, then organizing an event at a local bar. Happy hour cocktail menu and lots of great beers on tap will contribute to the good time that both you and your guests are going to have at such a place. Plus, you can take advantage of ping-pong tables and TV screens to make the experience even better.

On the other hand, hosting a happy hour event at a cool, local bar is also going to increase the “cool factor” at your office. Heading to an “off-site venue” will signal to your collaborators that this is not about work, it is about building stronger bonds, winding down, and getting to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Gaslamp is a modern bar that has all the right elements for a cool and fun birthday party or office happy hour event. Our venue is super sleek, with a big beautiful bar, great lighting, and a fun atmosphere. We have a happy hour menu full of delicious cocktails, all with fresh, classic ingredients and some special ones that make them unique to drink at Gaslamp.

Experience a Vodka Affair Worthy of Sharing

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule, the Vodka-Based Cocktail

The classic version of Moscow Mule consists of vodka and ginger beer, served in a copper mug. Nowadays, there are tons of variations to the cocktail, so it increases the choices of ingredients. This cocktail is usually served in a copper mug to give a traditional look. Plus, some believe that the taste and flavor of the drink enhance in a copper mug and gives a cooling sensation. The material of these mugs helps keep the temperature, aroma, and flavor of the drink almost invariable.

Traditional Mule Receipt


mule lime
  • Ice
  • 2 ounces of vodka
  • 4 ounces of ginger-lime syrup
  • Soda
  • 2 wedges of lime


Here is how you prepare this delightfully fizzy drink:

In a shaker, put in ice and then add the liqueur, ginger-lime syrup and firmly press in lime wedges. Shake for 10 seconds. Then, pour the content on ice cubes in a copper mug, preferably. Top it with soda, and decorate it with a mint sprig and a cucumber stick. 

You can enjoy the Moscow Mule all year ’round. However, because of the warm ginger flavor, it works well in fall and winter.

Want to Drink a Perfect Mule in Colorado?

At Gaslamp, we offer a variety of Mule drinks, all made with fresh lime juice and ginger beer.

The Moscow – Svedka Vodka
The Mexican – Mi Campo Blanco Tequila
The Kentucky – Benchmark Bourbon
The British – Tanqueray Gin
The Irish – Jameson Irish Whisky

You can enjoy these Mule cocktails and more in our unique atmosphere. Our establishment, located in the heart of Denver, offers a place for you and your friends to enjoy a night of celebration. No matter the season of the year.

Visit our website to check out more delicious drinks, or book your next private party or your event here.

Don’t Miss Happy Hour Mules for Only $7.50!

Hot Alcoholic Drinks to Keep You Warm All Winter


Perfect Drinks for the Winter Season

Winter days are not over yet, and so you are still in the mood for something hot, something that will warm you from the inside out. Figuring out how to add a dash of liquor to a hot beverage can be quite a challenge, but we have got you covered with today’s drink ideas from all over the world.


A German favorite, gluhwein (hot spiced wine) is prepared by mixing dry red wine, heated and spiced with star aniseed, citrus, cloves, or cinnamon sticks, sugar and at times vanilla pods.

Hot Apple Cider and Rum Punch

To accomplish an excellent hot apple and rum punch, combine apple cider, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, orange slices, and ginger. Bring to a boil over high heat then reduce to a simmer until everything dissolves. Pour the liquid into big mugs and add rum to each drink! You can complement the drink with some orange slices, or even some ginger.

Irish Coffee

A hot, creamy classic; famous and delicious! This drink is made by mixing hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and brown sugar, and topped with lightly whipped cream.



To make this wintertime staple you will need 64 ounces of apple cider. Pour the cider into a big pot. Then, insert whole cloves into two apples o pears. Place the fruit in the apple cider and serve.

Looking for a Place to Get Warm, Boozy Beverages Around Denver?

Gaslamp is the perfect place to go. We offer a snug, contemporary lounge option with killer cocktails, ping-pong table, and TV screens to watch football games, in particular. Game days often mean discounts at the bar, and the drink menu includes craft beer and delicious cocktails in Denver. Call us at 720-750-7906 to book your next event or private party.

Essential Drinks for January Entertaining

denver best drinks

Cocktails to Consider in January

The end-year holidays have finally passed, but it doesn’t mean the party has to stop. That is why we have put together a list of mouth-watering cocktails that will make your new year even better!

Bloody Roman

A Bloody Roman is a mix of Castelvetrano or other mild green olives, beer, cold Roman Mix, oysters, shucked, liquor reserved, olives, Serrano chiles, and Chile threads.


Ancho Reyes, Elderflower Liqueur or St. Germain, Dry Vermouth, Grapefruit Bitters. Optional Cava or other sparkling wine.

Ginger Smash

This cocktail is a delicious mix of three spirits, lime juice, pineapple, and ginger. It will brighten your new year’s nights and warm your friends-giving parties.

El Tequiletto

A tequila-based cocktail paired with amaretto and orange juice.


The vertigo is a refreshing drink featuring Averna, an Italian amaro (meaning “bitter”) that is often enjoyed as a digestive after dinner. In the cocktail, it’s treated delicately, paired with ginger ale and lemon juice.

Winter Sour

This is a low-alcohol cocktail that will fire up all your senses. Winter sour cocktail combines Campari with fresh Meyer lemon juice, clover honey syrup, fresh rosemary, and fresh egg white.

These unique cocktails refreshing and perfect for those who want the party to go on.

Looking for Cocktails That Will Make Your Nights Happy?

At Gaslamp in Denver, we offer a great atmosphere to start the new year. Don’t miss our ping-pong tournaments, our famous weekly raffle for Pepsi Center tickets, or happy hour (5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.). Visit our page to learn about our cocktails. Our menu includes craft beers, the best mules in town, and more. Call us at 720-750-7906 or book your next party here.

We are located at 1437 Market St, Denver, CO 80202

Three Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Body After the Holiday Parties

bar denver, body detox, denver best drinks, happy hour denver, party denver, unique drinks in Denver

Tips to Clean Your Body After Partying Heavy

If you have celebrated happy hours, holiday soirées, office parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve with too many unhealthy treats and drinks, you may be feeling hungover, bloated and unfit. Worry not! Here is a list of gentle ways to cleanse after a major holiday indulgence.

Give Water to Your Body

Drink tons of water to eliminate all toxins while hydrating your body without adding extra calories.

Drink Tea

To diminish the unwanted side effects of partying too hard, hydration and circulation should be your top priorities. Alcohol will lead to cellular mineral imbalance and poor sleep. If you don’t want to stop celebrations, hydrate your body twenty-four hours before your next event, reducing salt and caffeine ingestion, and increase the number of vegetables rich in water and leafy greens in your meals.

Eat Green Foods

Green always brings good news to your body. Make sure you consume higher amounts of alkaline veggies like alfalfa leaf, barley grass, broccoli, cabbage, chlorella, dulse, kale, parsley, spinach, spirulina, among many others. They will help to clean your body while delivering high amounts of antioxidants, and providing micronutrients (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorous), and greens-specific phytonutrients.

Last but not least, remember to move! Exercise can boost the natural detox process as cleanses the skin and it flushes out the lungs as we work up a sweat.

Following these tips will help you in flushing out all the toxins from your body.

Keep the Party Alive at Gaslamp

Looking for a place to fire up your nights in Denver? At Gaslamp Bar & Lounge, we have all you need. From unique drinks in Denver to an unmatchable atmosphere. Bring all your friends and take advantage of our ping-pong tables. We have a great food menu and excellent customer service.

Every day happy hour from 5 – 7:30 pm!

Perfect Location for an All-Night Adventure

Great Bar Denver

A Great Bar to Hit When You’re Out and About Downtown

One very special feature about Market St. is all the unique bars and restaurants in this area. Planning your night is a breeze when it comes to entertainment. All the bars, restaurants, and shops located on the main strip are within walking distance, which makes it easy to try all the local places. If you are looking to have a great night, come to Gaslamp in LoDo Denver.

Win Tickets!

The Gaslamp is perfect for starting out your night or even ending it. Begin your night in our modern bar with appetizers and specialty cocktails while enjoying the sunset. Then, participate in our weekly raffle for Pepsi Center tickets. Each Drink at Gaslamp offers a chance to win tickets to the show!

One drink = one raffle ticket. Do the math. Win those tickets!

gaslamp bar

End the Night in a Perfect Atmosphere

With our fireplaces, you will never have to worry about the temperature outside.

Ending your night at the Gaslamp Bar is an excellent way to finish off your night after a day of work or even shopping. Enjoy the evening drinking or playing for free on our ping-pong table!

Looking for a Happy Hour Time?

Every day happy hour is from 5 – 7:30 pm! Join us for our happy hour. Spend your Saturday and Sunday in our modern lounge. Enjoy our special activities.

happy hour denver

Light Your Fire at Gaslamp

Start a great all-night as we turn down the lights and turn up the party. With the best cocktails in the region and a variety on our menu for you to try, the fun is guaranteed. Gaslamp is also a popular bar for hosting private parties and events. Book your party now to get a slot for the holidays!

We are on Market St downtown (Market is the primary going-out street downtown).

Booking Your Holiday Event in Denver’s Best Bar

Gaslamp Denver, holiday party

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Gaslamp is a Must

The holiday season is the time of year to relax, enjoy with family and friends, and celebrate! The holidays are around the corner, don’t wait until the last minute to book your event!

best bar denver

Our bar has enough space to host an event for 20 to 100 people. This area has fireplaces in the walls and the bar is in the middle. It makes it easy to get a drink because there are 4 different sides you can go to get your favorite drinks. We also have screens, which are perfect for sports lovers. Further, we offer ping pong most nights and then when it gets busy, we can move the table to make more room for people to mingle.

When deciding on your plans for New Year’s Eve, Gaslamp is the ideal place for you and your best friends. We offer something exceptional for everyone. A night, at the Gaslamp on New Year’s Eve, includes access to the best drinks in town. Also, a variety of music and entertainment, like live music and more.

Unique Drinks

Enjoy our signature drink, the Red Bull Slushy, in a sleek atmosphere featuring snowboard/surf videos, gas fireplaces, ping-pong table, the best bartenders, cocktails, and food. Plus, you can drink free all night on your birthday!

Celebrate with the Best

It is important to start off the new year right. Whether that includes celebrating with a few cocktails, spending time with your closest friends, or devouring some delectable food, Gaslamp has it all when it comes to celebrations.

Book your holiday event,

Book your holiday event with us today! Contact us to see how we can book your exquisite holiday party. We have spaces on our rooftop that can accommodate parties as small as 30, to parties as large as 100 guests. Our establishment is a unique place that is guaranteed to impress your guests for your holiday party!