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Private Events

No Better Place for Your Wedding Reception

You can host your wedding reception with us. We have room for 20 to 100 people.

Our beautiful bar offers a place for you and your wedding guests to enjoy a night of celebration in the heart of Denver. We will provide catering options and we are happy to work with you on an individual basis if you have any special requests. For instance, we can help you create a unique drink with your favorite alcohol. And, to make the occasion even more special, you can select bottles of wine from the years you and your beloved were born, or from the year you met. The small, extra details go a long way.

Wedding Reception
Eat, drink, and be married at your favorite bar!

Tips on Having an Amazing Event

Whether it a wedding reception or an office team-building night, hosting an event can be exhausting, scary, and downright nerve-wracking. With so many guests, proper etiquette and picking out the menu, there is a lot of decisions made for ensuring your event goes off flawlessly. So, here three great tips when it comes to hosting an event at your local bar, home, or at a large venue, just to mention a few.

Give as Much Notice as Possible

Nowadays, gathering people is a challenge. So, you will want to give everyone as much notice as possible, so you have a great turn out. We suggest sending out your invite either a month or 5 weeks before your event begins. This gives everyone plenty of time to check their calendar and save your date in for a great event!

Make Your Event Exciting

Entice everyone you want to come to attend with surprise prizes and gift baskets, or even a surprise guest speaker! Don’t forget to use social media outlets to get the word out as well.

Create a Personalized Menu

Besides the cocktails and beers, you want the appetizers to be able to grab and enjoy while chatting with guests.

gaslamp wedding receptions

Whether planning wedding events, receptions, bar or bat mitzvah, private events, look no further than Gaslamp for an exciting and memorable venue.

Why We Are a Chill Place to Hang Out

Bar & drink

Party Right in Our Livingroom

We have an amazing living room with a specific atmosphere, furniture, and decoration that makes us much more suitable for hanging out with friends or office partners or throwing parties of all sorts like office parties or birthday parties. Matched with an excellent service, unique bar food, and the special attention, we are the place to go in Denver.

Come Hang Out with Us or Schedule Your Next Event

Whether it is you want to organize an after-office event or just want to celebrate your birthday party, we have all it takes for throwing an unmatchable event. Need more reasons to schedule your event private with us? Take a look at some of the things that make us a great place to visit.

Private Events

If your birthday is approaching and if you are bored with the idea of the good, old-time house party, then organizing an event at a local bar. Happy hour cocktail menu and lots of great beers on tap will contribute to the good time that both you and your guests are going to have at such a place. Plus, you can take advantage of ping-pong tables and TV screens to make the experience even better.

On the other hand, hosting a happy hour event at a cool, local bar is also going to increase the “cool factor” at your office. Heading to an “off-site venue” will signal to your collaborators that this is not about work, it is about building stronger bonds, winding down, and getting to know each other in a more relaxed environment.

Gaslamp is a modern bar that has all the right elements for a cool and fun birthday party or office happy hour event. Our venue is super sleek, with a big beautiful bar, great lighting, and a fun atmosphere. We have a happy hour menu full of delicious cocktails, all with fresh, classic ingredients and some special ones that make them unique to drink at Gaslamp.