Wright And Toledo Are The New Vans US Open Surfing Champions 

Yesterday was the final day of the Vans US Open Surfing at Huntington Beach, California, and the new Vans US Open champions are Tyler Wright and Filipe Toledo.

Women’s WCT Final Heat

Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright -currently ranked 3rd– in the Women’s World Championship Tour, defeated Stephanie Gilmore yesterday -currently ranked 4th– in the final of the Vans US Open Surfing event.

Gilmore took the lead after getting a good wave and throwing two backhand hacks, and a clean forehand finish on the reform, getting a score of 7.33. On the other hand, Wright feeling the pressure and with less than 15 minutes to go on the heat, grabbed a solid wave and unleashed her power surfing on the reform for an excellent 8.67. Also in the same set, she took another wave hunting down the reform for a stylish floater on the finish, the combination of both waves gave Wright the lead with less than 10 minutes remaining on the heat.

Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore

Gilmore tried to get back the lead but at the end of the heat, the score was Tyler Wright, 14.77 and Stephanie Gilmore, 13.16, making Tyler Wright the new Vans US Open Women’s Surfing Champion.

Men’s Prime Final Heat


Filipe Toledo

At the Men’s Prime Vans US Open final, Filipe Toledo defeated Willian Cardoso with a solid air game. Both surfers started the heat very aggressive; Toledo started with his air game, launching an 8.83 to start, while Cardoso collected a 9.03 for three big backhand hooks. Both Brazilian surfers continued with the battle for the 1st place, Toledo continued with his solid air game and scored an 8.73 with an aerial combo. At the end of the heat, Filipe Toledo’s final score was 17.56 against 12.80 of Willian Cardoso. Congratulations to Filipe Toledo, the new Men’s Prime Vans US Open Surfing Champion.

Willian Cardoso

Willian Cardoso

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