Winter Games have started: Sochi is on and we’re watching!

Ready or Not Sochi Winter Olympics Have Begun

Starting with an amazing and expensive opening ceremony Friday evening. Incredible effects, best ever lights and some of the world’s best dancers, Russians showed off. Displaying their history (at least the part of history they chose to reinterpret). They had the world’s attention and they left many of us with a great, big wow! Well done Sochi!

Reuters by Lucas Jackson

Reuters by Lucas Jackson

Interesting Facts of Sochi’s Day One

Gold for USA on Day One

The Flying Tomato’s withdrawal from slopestyle had most of us thinking US would not get a snowboarding medal in this event. However Sage Kotsenburg was able to bring home US’ first Gold, bringing the world a new jump: The Holy Crail!

Hannah Kearney won Bronze in Women’s Moguls.

AFP by Kirill Kudryavtsev

AFP by Kirill Kudryavtsev

Norway’ s Dominance – 2 Golds

Norway takes several medals today, including the Gold in 10km sprint Biathlon that make Ole Einar Bjoerndalen the oldest man to win a gold medal, making this his 12th Olympic medal, 7 of which are gold and 5 silvers. And Skiatlon makes it debut for the first time in Olympic Games and another Norwegian,  Marit Bjoergen made a fabulous close after 15km of impressive competition.


Netherlands’ Speed Skaters take them all

Each year, canals freeze over in Netherlands and everybody who is serious about Speed Skating travels to Amsterdam to compete, making this the most popular winter sport for this specific country! And for the second time in history, today, in day one of the Olympics, Netherlands take it all: Sven Kramer Gold,  Jan Blokhuijsen Silver and  Jorrit Bergsma Bronze in Men’s 500 Speed Skating! The first time they did this was in 1998. And this year Kramer took home a new Olympic Record at 6:10.76

Reuters by Mike Blake

Reuters by Mike Blake

Canadian Moguls Sisters

In Women’s Moguls, defending champion Hannah Kearney from US was only able to get Bronze, because the Canadian sisters Justine and Cloe DuFour-Lapointe won Gold and Silver! A third sister, Maxime Dufour-Lapointe was also competing and she finished 12th.

Other sisters had been able to win gold in previous Olympics:  Neuner sisters in 1992 and the Goitschel sisters in 1964.


 Canadian Press by Paul Chiasson

Canadian Press by Paul Chiasson

Russian Figure Skating surprises

Russian’s teenager Yulia Lipnitskaya, who’s not even 15 years old yet, gives Russian’s Figure Skating Team a great chance to win Gold, with a fabulous performance in the Women’s Team short program. We’ll be looking forward to her Individual Performance as she was one of the biggest surprises of the event. Yulia needed a special permission to compete in Sochi, because she was just 26 days younger than the legal age to participate.

Sochi Day 1 Results: Medals

Day 2 Events: Feb. 9 at Sochi

Alpine Skiing Men’s downhill

Figure Skating Men’s Team free program,

Figure Skating Women’s Team free program,

Figure Skating Ice Dance Team free dance

Snowboard Women’s Slopestyle

Speed Skating Women’s 3000


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