Win Grey Goose by Submitting your Photos or Video

Three Great Contests

This season Gaslamp has three great contests for you to participate in! Three winners are chosen monthly and each winner will receive a free bottle of grey goose!

Submit your Snowboarding Picture

Snowboard photo contest
One way to enter is to submit your best snowboarding picture to instagram. Hit the slopes and take sick pictures, then submit those to Instagram via #gaslampcontest

GoPro and Submit a Video

Monthly Gopro video contest
We want to see your footage! We know how crazy (and good) a lot of you are, and we want to see you in action. Whether you are boarding or skiing in the backcountry, or hitting the jumps we want to see what you are made of. Each month we’ll choose the best video under a minute and the winner will gets a free bottle of Grey Goose

Ladies Only – Beauty Mirror

Beautiful Mirror in Gaslamp
We’ve designed our woman’s bathroom to make you feel beautiful.
To participate in the beautiful mirror contest take these steps: