What to do during Snowboard off season?

Unless you have the funds to travel where the snow is, the season is over. And if you do not find some good alternate activities to keep you in top shape, you might spend the first months of the season dragging behind!


It will allow you to maintain your core strength and balance. The carving motion in longboarding is in many ways similar to snow boarding. This is a great exercise during the spring and summer months.



Build Flexibility and Strength

This is the perfect time to get your body in shape for next season. Working out in the gym will not only allow  you to perform better it will also help you prevent injuries.  Being consistent and going to the gym is many times hard for most of us. But if you  stick to it you will surely see a difference next time you hit the slopes.



Wake boarding involves carves and you are strapped in just like in snowboard. Water is a lot more forgiving than ice and snow so feel free to attempt new stuff.



Trampoline and Airtrack Workouts

If you have access to a trampoline or better yet an airtrack, you can work on your turns and grips. It will also greatly improve your balance and cardio.


Keep your body guessing, throw in some running or mountain biking. It is also good to work on your cardio so any other exercise you want to throw in the mix will help you as well. Have Fun!


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