The Story of a Snowboard That Became a Longboard

Longboarding With Original and Unique Style


How about recycling your old snowboard and converted into a longboard? Johannes Raffael Leal de Carvalho Guerreiro is a German artist that came up with this brilliant and awesome idea of building longboard decks out of vintage snowboards. Old snowboard deck style are getting very popular again by pro and amateur snowboarders that love to feel of snowboarding in the old days and this also brings a lot of interest of skateboarders to try new and original ways to ride and these unique style longboards are earning a lot of popularity and respect in the skateboarding world as well.



Johannes Raffael Leal de Carvalho Guerreiro wrote a letter that describes his work creating the vintage longboards and his vision about it. read it in his own words below:

Letter from maker

After reading Johannes Raffael Leal de Carvalho Guerreiro letter you can be sure that these boards are made with high quality wood and every single one is unique. At GasLamp we love new original and unique ways of practicing sports, and if you share this passion for extreme sports like us, we hope to see you tonight at the best sports bar in town.


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