The best of Alaska’s Snowboarding

Alaska: The Last Frontier. In the 25 years since snowboarders first made their way north to Juneau and beyond, AK remains the ultimate proving ground for any rider of the mountains; a place of incomparable beauty, impossibly steep snowpack, perfectly sculpted spines, and balls-to-the-wall descents.

Here are some of the amazing shots by photographer Greg Von Doersten, compiled for Red Bull’s Alaskan-themed portfolio:

Johan Olofsson:

Johan Olofsson snowboarding in AK

Jeremy Jones:

Jeremy Jones snowboardin in Alaska

Ryland Bell:

Snowboarding Alaskan style

And if you think you’ve seen it all, watch this Xavier De Le Rue’s video from Nation.  We have to warn you, if you are scared of heights then better don’t hit play!


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