Switching Sports: All You Need to Know About Sochi 2014

There is Life After Super Bowl

The-Olympic-cauldron-is-tesMany of us are still quite down about Sunday’s results for the Broncos at the Super Bowl. So maybe it’ time to turn our attention to different sports and other’s people’s problems. And, since the Winter Olympics start Friday, there’s no better excuse than to forget about Football for a while! Some things about Sochi are all over the news, like the fact that the media is saying it won’t be ready for everyone arriving Thursday and the ongoing concerns about safety. Or did you hear how Torstein Horgmo, snowboarder from Norway, broke his collarbone in practice Monday and is now out of the Winter Games? Read on as we talk about some interesting facts and numbers to look forward to as of this weekend.

SOCHI Winter Olympics

900 miles south of Moscow on the coast of the Black Sea, as of Friday, Sochi will be the city that hosts the 22nd Winter Games. Selected as host since July 2007, from February 7-23, 2014, an estimate of three billion people will be following the games held at Russia’s largest resort city. Since Sochi actually has a subtropical climate  (strange considering it is hosting the Winter Olympics), the Alpine events will actually be hosted in the Caucasus Mountains, a climate much more like what most of us picture all Russia to be. Sochi, on the other hand, is one of the very few strange places in Russia were you can find nice warm summers, palm trees, hot springs, pebble beaches and very mild winters.

Sochi in Very Interesting Numbers

  • norway-curling-uniform85 countries will be competing, including Zimbabwe for the first time ever
  • 98 gold medals will be awarded for each of the 98 events
  • 7 winter sport disciplines will be disputed: Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Curling, Ice Hockey, Luge, Ice Skating and Skiing
  • 11 sport venues were built from scratch just for the Olympics
  • 2 regions will host the events: the mild weather of the Coastal Cluster in Sochi and the cold winter of Mountain Cluster in Krasnaya Polyana
  • USA_WOMENS_BIGHOUSE230 U.S. athletes in a record breaking Winter Olympic team
  • 13 gold medal winners are on the U.S. team, including snowboarder Shaun White “The Flying Tomato, who’s won 2 consecutive halfpipe gold medals in Turin and Vancouver.
  • 106 returning Olympians a total of 49 have won medals
  • 19 Colorado athletes make up the state with 2nd largest representation, only California has more participants with 20
  • 18-year-old skier Mikaela Shiffrin from Eagle-Vail, World Cup title-holder in slalom will also compete in Giant Slalom
  • _72678423_sochi36th winter olympic for Todd Lodwick
  • 40,000 security personnel will be present including police and military
  • 200 hours of TV coverage is the promise of BBC Two
  • 650 hours of live action streaming via six HD and Red Button stream will make the most televised and unprecedented coverage of a Winter Olympics yet
  • 3 main favorites include USA, Canada and Norway 
  • 4.14pm (GMT) Opening Ceremony on Friday Feb 7th at the Fisht Olympic Stadium
  • $3 billion makes Sochi the most expensive Olympic games ever: other than the venues the whole transport system and security infrastructure needed is also brand new
  • cool-runnings40-year-old Ole Einar, biathlete from Norway is aiming for record breaking 12th Winter Olympic medal
  • 55-year-old, Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg , is the oldest competitor, he’ll be slaloming for Mexico where he was born
  • 6th Jamaican Bobsled Team, the originals who inspired “Cool Runnings” went in 1988
  • 2 years of stockpiling snow! The Russians have been saving their snow, just in case
  • 26 more interesting photos and facts in this: A to Z of the Winter Olympics slideshow


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