Supercharged Coffee for Extra Morning Energy?

Butter blended coffee is the new rage!

Here is our favorite recipe by the Business Insider on how to make the hottest, trendiest coffee of the moment:

Coffee as in the Old Times

Grass-fed unsalted butter in every cup of good, expensive coffee, brewed in brown paper filters! Send us your photos of how your creations look, and tell us how it tasted.
This is not really new, it’s just back, as almost everything we see nowadays.

Are you looking for a performance enhancer? Interested in stimulating your body’s fat-burning potential, looking for a boosting creativity and productivity. Those are the label on this recipe by the people resposable for making it famous:  Bulletproof Executive founder Dave Asprey and holistic health guru Andrew Weil.

Weil asserts that the often demonized saturated fat poses no risk for increased heart disease and may actually help “stimulate the body’s fat-burning potential” in addition to boosting creativity and productivity.

So a skinny latte is not the trend anymore. The fat in the butter gives you a super energy boost. Sounds kinda gross, but try it, if you haven’t already and tell us what you think!


Gaslamp And The Trends that are back from our past

In fashion design, everything new, seems to be back. Same goes for movies, we see remakes all the time! But in our kitchen, it’s all the same, my grandma’s recipe with a twist! Right?

Keeping up with our fast moving world, that longs for the good things from our past… Interesting how things that become important and trendy!

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