Stephen Colbert will be Letterman’s replacement

Colbert signed 5 year agreement with CBS

The star of the Colbert Report will be filling in Letterman’s shoes in The Late Show, once Letterman steps down. The exact date is still not known but it is supposed to happen some time in 2015.

Here is what David Letterman had to say about Colbert being chosen:

“Stephen has always been a real friend to me, and I’m flattered that CBS chose him…”




As with most mayor changes this leaves a bunch of interrogations like:

What will happen to the Colbert Report, is this the end?

How will the Late Show be affected by this change?

This and many other questions many of us have will be answered as the time approaches, and I guess we will have to watch the show and see!

The Late Show first aired in August 1993 with host David Letterman, who previously hosted Late Night with David Letterman on NBC from 1982 to 1993. It is produced by Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, and CBS Television Studios. In contrast with Colbert’s previous program The Colbert Report, in which he plays a fictional character also named Stephen Colbert, Colbert will host the show (which will retain the Late Show branding) as himself.


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