Sandboarding, almost like Summer Snowboarding…

Enjoy This Summer, Go Sandboarding

It is summer and for all of us snowboard lovers that are not able to travel outside the country chasing the snow, here is some hope and inspiration: Sandboarding!

Sandboarding Air

Sandboarding is very similar to snowboarding, with the main difference that it takes place in sand dunes rather than on snow. One of the advantages of Sandboarding is that you can practice the sport all year round, since sand dunes are normally available all the time. The sensation of riding your sandboard across or down the sand dunes, is almost the same as that of going across or down the snow on a mountain. If you are in Colorado, you can practice sandboarding in the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Sandoarding at the Great Dunes National Park

Sandboarding at the Great Dunes National Park

More about Sandboarding as a Sport

Sandboards are made mostly of Formica or laminex in the base, causing it to be harder than snowboards. During dry times like summer, the sand may get too soft for a snowboard to slide in the sand, but after recent rain or snow a snowboard should work too.

Sandboarding is getting more popular each day and there is a Sandboarding World Championship or SWC, it takes place annually at Hirschau Germany. Josh Tenage is the sandboarder that has won the title more times, with four.

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