Men’s Side of the Fiji Pro is scheduled to start Tomorrow

The men will have the chance to show off their abilities starting tomorrow. These are some of the biggest waves in the world tour, and with the swell coming in, the waves will be huge starting tomorrow.


 Fiji Women’s Pro Final Result:

Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 9.00 def. Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) 8.73

The 2014 Women’s Fiji Pro was the fifth of ten stops on this year’s tour. And halfway through the season, we can see that a deep-rooted world title race has sprouted. Unlike the sporadic mess that has been the men’s 2014, the women have been consistent. Right now, the race is the tightest between defending champ Carissa Moore and first-time-hopeful Sally Fitzgibbons. Stephanie Gilmore, Tyler Wright and Malia Manuel are also poised to make a move for the queen’s throne. But the biggest takeaway from Tavarua is that Sally is no pushover. It was her second straight win of the season. An impressive stat, sure, but what’s even more impressive is the locales in which she found consecutive victories.

How’s it looking for the men?

No one is quite sure how it’s happened, but Kelly Slater leads the ratings going into Fiji. It’s a little wack because his form this season has been scratchy at best. World number two, Taj Burrow reckons it’s the most mortal Kelly has looked in living memory, and yet here he is, heading into his pet stretch of the tour – Fiji/J-Bay/Tahiti/Trestles – somehow as world number one. It’s grating the guys around him, but it may in fact work in their favour. In the past they’ve headed to Fiji almost resigned to the fact Kelly was going to win. This time they’ll head to Fiji knowing they have to beat him here, they have no choice, because if he gets on a roll over the next four events he won’t be stopped for the world title.

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