Life 2 Days Before Super Bowl and It’s Very Expensive TV Ads

What is the Formula for Creating Epic Commercials for This Sunday’s Big Game?

Super Bowl Commercials used to air during the Big Game. But not anymore, now leaking it a few days early hoping the videos go viral is part of the marketing strategy, and if your commercial gets banned, like Scarlett Johansson’s SodaStream, better yet. Johansson ends her spot saying “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi” so in fear, Fox killed the ad. SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said to USA Today, it was because they didn’t want to deal with the consequences by Coke and Pepsi’s. The result, 4 days after it was posted on Youtube, more than 5 million views, nearly 8,000 likes and 1,700 not likes!

How about  paying big bucks for a teaser of an ad? Don’t they all Leak anyway?

“It’s my birthday, it’s my show, so I get to do what I want” were Ellen DeGeneres exact words last night as she showed the entire Beats Music App Superbowl Commercial, where she appears as her own version of a modern Goldilocks, short haired blond with a weird bow on her head, searching for just the right music. The bears and wolf walk in on her, and she ends up with a crazy, goofy dance party in the bears’ apartment. And yes, she aired the whole minute of it, “you’re really not suppose to see it before the Super Bowl… but that’s what they get for loaning it to me”… and the crowd goes wild clapping. Why is that? Because she gets to do whatever she wants? Or is it because Super Bowl commercials have become such a huge part of what we look forward to for this Sunday! Unless we’ve seen them all this week.

Prior to NFL’s Big Day, Social Media is filled with  previews, so called leaks and early airs of some of what are suppose to be the year’s best TV commercials... Do you think it is normal that we look forward to commercials?

Today, someone using the name schizophrenic Kenny asked on Youtube : “can anyone tell me why im watching commercial videos?”

Many of us are, schizo or not… Why? I’m not even in the USA and I’ve been watching several a day. And then Sunday comes and we’re disappointed when the previews are better than the actual thing or there was “nothing new” (because we already watched them all.) Who would have guessed by 2014, masses of intelligent, busy adults would decide to invest time watching commercials a week before they’re even suppose to air. We’re that hungry for new entertainment! And that has driven us to consume ads, want commercials, hopefully good, funny ones…. And Sunday, as people “watch the game” with one eye, another eye will be on everyone else’s posts all over social media.


Some 2014 Super Bowl Ads in case you haven’t joined the masses yet

Creepy: “Doberhuahua” by Audi

Cute: “Puppy Love” by Budweiser

Family: “Gracie” by Cheerios

GoodToBeBad: “British Villains ‘Rendezvous‘” by Jaguar

100,000miles: “Wings” by Volkswagen

Flashback: “The Spill” featuring Full House’s John Stamos, Bob Saget & Dave Coulier, by Dannon Yogurt

Matrix Opera: “The Truth” by Kia

Bear Attack: “How Matters” by Chobani Yogurt


Anybody else noticed all these ads are in the official pages of each company? So you can’t really call this a leak, can you???

Finally, an Anti-Ad beer commercial that’s NOT for Super Bowl? Yes,  Newcastle Brown Ale “parodies the marketing circus which surrounds the Super Bowl” Mashable says. I find the the label very interesting “Behind the scenes of The Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made” featuring the Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick.

“We think the formula for creating the most epic Big Game commercial of all time is pretty simple, but when it comes down to it, we’d rather have people drink our beer while watching other companies’ ads,” said Charles van Es, senior brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale, in a press release. “And to be honest, we don’t really have the money or permission to advertise on the game either.”


We’re a different kind of bar in Denver and very ready to see our Broncos team play at the Super Bowl! Are you?

Advertising Paradise here comes Sunday! And here we all come as consumers, with our Bud Light, Doritos and why not, yogurt! Here come smartphone and all types of adds giving thumbs up and a thumbs down to anything you try to sell us. And in between commercials, lets watch some Football played outdoors in the cold winter weather. Where are you watching the game? And the ads? Consider joining us at Gaslamp this Sunday. If you are looking for a more classy, relaxing, trendy space, at Gaslamp Denver we are a modern style drinking establishment with a delicately designed infusion of contemporary, elegant, sleek and casual atmosphere. Not a big beer fan, enjoy the game with our signature Red Bull vodka slushy. Want to know more about Gaslamp? Give us a call.

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