“If You’re Doing Something and You’re Not Having Fun, That’s Not Life”

Let Jamaica Inspire You Time and Time Again

So many of us felt inspired by Cool Runnings, based on the true story of the first Jamaican Bobsled team that made it’s first ever historic appearance in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

Today, once again Jamaicans remind us the true spirit behind passion. You must truly love what you do. If you don’t; maybe you should be doing something else.

Bobsled Finals close the Winter Olympics at Sochi this Saturday (very early in our time zone). Just a reminder to close with the best that you have. The Olympics are about bringing home the Gold, but sometimes, it’s not the winners that we remember years and years after their golden fame, it’s those who inspire us!

Party On Jamaicans!  And keep on bringing us more of your inspiring journey, we’ll be following because we like jammin’ too!




Jamaica-CoolRunningsGreat Spirit despite the difficulties

Lost baggage? Protein in your eyes during practice? Needing to crowdfund your Olympic participation?  No snow in Jamaica? Finishing 29 out of 30?

If the Jamaican high spirits depended on their circumstances, they might not even have made it to Sochi…

No snow might be enough to keep most countries out of the Winter Olympics, but that’s not the case for Jamaica, know for its world class speed racers, like Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, and six-time Olympic champion.
The Jamaicans didn’t race at the World Cup circuit this season, but they qualified for the games by accumulating enough points in lower-tier races in North America. But still needed to find a way to make the trip because they didn’t have enough to cover the travel expenses and purchase additional sets of runners. They started a fundraising campaign where online donors responded quickly and very generously. Once airborne the team suffered delays that held back their equipment. So they arrived ahead of their luggage. No clothes no Olympic suits, no helmets or the expensive runners for their two-man sled on their first day at the Olympic venue.

Driver Winston Watts told the press it wasn’t until late the second night that they got their gear and luggage. On the track the next day, powder fell from their helmets and started getting into their eyes. That’s when they realized; security had tampered with their stuff and left their protein powder open, so the contents spilled out of the containers on into their clothes and equipment…


You win some you lose some

  • In 2000, the Jamaican team won the gold medal at the World Push Championships in Monaco
  • In the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, Watts and brakeman Lascelles Brown set the Olympic record for the push-start segment of the two-man race at 4.78 seconds.
  • They finished 28th overall despite their record in that race
  • This week, on  Monday, the two-man bobsled team made up by Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon finished 19 out of 30.
  • They are done competing in Sochi, but we hope to see them again in 2018

What Now? Shrug it off Jamaican style!

We are from the sunshine,” as driver Winston Watts says

Jamaica brought the world the remake of the Bobsled Theme Song from the Cool Runnings Movie, now into a 2014 remake with a funny Rasta video game. Watch it: “It’s Bobsled Time!”


Brakeman Marvin Dixon. Photo by JAE C. HONG/AP

Brakeman Marvin Dixon. Photo by JAE C. HONG/AP