How about surfing with a Mercedez-Benz?

Garret McNamara and his custom made big wave Mercedez-Benz surfboard

You may know him from his big (huge) wave surfing in Nazare, Portugal.  Garret McNamara is a U.S. professional big wave surfer, born on August 10, 1967 and holder of the world Guinness Record for the biggest wave ever surfed! In fact, he broke his own Nov 2011 78 ft (24 m) record, by riding a monstrous 100 ft (30 m) wave on January 2013, both of them at Nazare.

EFE/To Mane photo

Since I’m a 200% amateur “surfer” that has enough trouble trying to catch a 3 ft wave, I can’t even begin to imagine what a thrill this might be and all the strength of mind and body needed to accomplish riding such a wave, and live to tell the tale!

High Tech MB boardHigh Tech Big Board Design

Luckily, it seems he is very well equipped for it and now even more so, with this high-tech, state-of-the-art surfboard designed especially for big waves!
For the first time, technicians, engineers and designers at Mercedes-Benz AMG in Stuttgart developed a surfboard with a telemetry system: a transmitter inside Garrett’s wetsuit that measures his surfing performance.

Watch the video to see how fast he goes while surfing the monster waves in Portugal!!


And this Toast  goes for those Brave,
Big Wave Surfers Out There!
Hats Off to You All

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