Everything about LOVE during the Sochi Winter Olympics

Love Dresses in Gold

After winning gold at the men’s 1500m short track speed skating final, Marianne St. Gelais kisses the winner: Charles Hamelin of Canada.

As Hamelin, most medal winners are greeted with huge kisses, hugs and love from those that have traveled all the way to Sochi to see them compete for Gold. And the medals keep piling , so kisses keep coming and LOVE IS IN THE SOCHI AIR! 

REUTERS / Mike Blake

Siblings and Contenders

I saw my sisters in the World Cup and I watched Chloe [who won silver in Sochi] in Vancouver. I decided I wanted to train hard. I have always been a competitive tiger – JUSTINE DUFOUR-LAPOINTE
Fraternal love is present at Sochi even when it means they can’t all win gold. When you’re family, you celebrate the victory of the ones you love. Canadian Dufour-Lapointe sisters win gold and silver in freestyle skiing, and Maxime, the eldest of the three sister competing didn’t win a medal at Sochi.
Dutch twins Michel and Ronald Mulder also won gold and bronze in men’s 500m speed skating
But there are also another three Swiss siblings in the biathlon. This is what we call Family Style love and competition.

More siblings in more sports

 South Korea’s short-track skater Park Se-yeong is in Sochi alongside big sisters Park Seung-hi, also a short-track skater, and speed skater Park Seung-ju.  Swiss Gasparin sisters – Selina, Elisa and Aita – are among seven sibling combinations competing in biathlon.

US Nordic combined brothers Bryan and Taylor Fletcher admit there is an edge when they compete, but say they also look out for one another, as published by the Agence France-Presse:

“There’s definitely sibling rivalry, but we have each other’s back and work together to try to get the best result for both instead of one-up on each other,” said Bryan, who is the older brother by four years.

“I will try to give him tips but he doesn’t need too many,” Taylor said of Bryan. “Like how to race the rhythm of the course and stick behind someone on the downhill, so you can slingshot past them.”

Photo: AFP, EPA, Reuters

Photo: AFP, EPA, Reuters


Competing together as family

Some families compete together rather than against each other: a father-and-son combination in ice hockey among many other family groups.

Ice dancers Cathy Reed and brother Chris from Japan skate as a couple.

Slovenian ice hockey head coach Matjaz Kopitar is at the Olympics alongside his son Anze – the only player from the country in the National Hockey League.

With brothers David and Marcel Rodman also playing an important role for Slovenia, the coach said the key to success at the games was creating a family feeling.

“We must be like the big family off the ice that we are. And on the ice we need to be more than 100 per cent,” he said.


Married Couples at Sochi

Dawn and Mike McEwen from curlers from Canada, cross country skiers Gary and Angelica di Silvestri  competing for Dominica, Figure Skating Pairs Maylin Wende and Daniel Wende of Germany also Germany’s Downhill  Alpine Skier Maria Hoefl-Riesch who won gold in women’s super-combined is married to her manager Marcus Hoefl. And Qing Pang and Jian Tong of China, who now will retire after fourth place in the Figure Skating, will now, after more than 2 years of engagement, be able to focus on the rest of their life together. Before this week, training came first, now, marriage!


Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Engaged couple Qing Pang and Jian Tong of China compete in the Figure Skating Pairs



puppy lovePuppy Love

Why Not? The SuperBowl commercials had it, why not the Winter Olympics a week later? Silver medalist Gus Kenworthy’s  has adopted the cause of the stray dogs of Sochi (which had made big headlines right before the opening of the Olympics). Kenworthy and others are attempting to find ways to rescue the dogs and find them a home:

“They are the cutest things ever….Almost a fairy tale. I’ve been a dog lover all my life. To find the cutest family of strays here at the Olympics was just a fairy tale way to have it go down. Hopefully I’ll bring them back with me.”




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We’re in love with Winter Sports!

Sideline support from spouses, parents and girlfriend or boyfriends we’re loving it all! But most of all we love Winter Sports. So this Valentine’s Day, come watch the games with us a GasLamp Denver. US Team has 4 gold medals, tied in 4th place with Norway, they both total 13 Olympic medals: 4 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze. Germany leads the medal table with 7 gold. Followed by Switzerland in Second with 5 and Canada with 4. (View table above)


Moguls Canadian sisters