Do you Believe the Impossible? Is the future here? HUVr boards

In “Back to the Future” a flying skateboard was a child’s toy, yes, the Hoverboard, remember? Is it real now with the new HUVr Boards?

Whether this is or not, I guess we won’t know until the due date: December 2014! But the pictures and the images make us hope it is!!!


Is the Future Finally Here?

The video featured was shot in L.A. See it for yourself and send us your comments. It claims to be REAL.

This first HUVr is the original design from the “Back to the Future Movie”.  





Different color combinations are also available, according to the HUVr site. Questions about the boards, contact them directly by email.


Real HUVr

GasLamp and the World’s REAL Trends

What is real?  Has wanting something with all your heart made it real? That was always been the way dreams are born. People that continue to push and persevere despite criticism and despite failure, those bring the future to us, and make it real. That’s the story written all over history, cars, airplanes, electricity, elevators… How about flying mass transportation? Flying skateboards?

What is real to you? Is real what Social Media says is Real and what is not? Please send us your comments, we really want to hear from you!

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HUVr boards